Why Positive Discipline?

Simply because it works . It will transform your life, the way you see your children and your role as parent. It will shift your mindset.

Positive Discipline will not only positively impact your relationship with your children,but also the relationships with other people in your life. It is not just conscious parenting, it is also conscious interaction, conscious communication and conscious connection. It will become your second nature, a new lifestyle of better, happier life.

Positive Discipline is a classic educational method ( parenting model ) which has been developing for over 40 years. It is a revolutionary look at upbringing and educational problems.

Positive Discipline is based on love, respect and dignity of every member of society. It’s based on the idea, that there are no bad children just good and bad behaviours. As the name suggests, Positive Discipline focuses on the good in a child’s behaviour.

It explains that children, just like us adults, behave bad when they feel bad and helps parents to understand the reason behind a child’s behaviour.

The role of the parent is not to control a child’s behaviour , but to encourage the child to behave well.

Positive Discipline reinforces and teaches good behaviours while eliminating unwanted ones without hurting the child verbally or physically. It empowers children to manage themselves by helping them to learn how to handle situations more appropriately while remaining kind and respectful to children themselves.

Positive Discipline also assumes that children’s inappropriate behaviour is due to their lack of competence. Therefore, it puts the parents in the role of leader to teach them important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and parents.

Discipline comes from the Latin word “disciplina” which means “giving instructions to teach”. Recent brain research has confirmed that people learn best when they feel safe and connected to others in the context of safe relationships. Therefore, the goal of Positive Discipline is to teach children by first establishing a secure relationship with them.

Connection must come before Correction in order for discipline to be effective in the long term.

Children are programmed to connect with others from the moment they are born. Children who have a strong sense of belonging to their community, family and school are less likely to misbehave. They must develop important social and life skills in order to be effective and contributing members of their communities.

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