Do you wish to keep your cool in the midst of chaos and be a more joyful and present parent?

Do you ever feel like being on an emotional roller coaster when your attention is pulled in every direction and you spend most of your day in full-blown survival mode: between work, errands, getting your children ready for school, taking them to activities , cooking meals, never ending to do list, dealing with difficult tantrums in the middle of the street, kids fighting with each other for the third time within three minutes. It is not hard to imagine, is it?
I’m with you! It can be overwhelming! No wonder that we lose our temper so easily.
Do you wish you were able to remain calm, centered and patient with your children no matter what situation you are in?

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Tame your anger, ditch your guilt and become a more joyful and present parent

Benefits for you:

Understand the brain

You will gain an eye-opening and game changing knowledge about the brain and you will understand why you and your child lose your temper so easily.

Tame your anger

You will learn various strategies on how to manage your emotions in a healthy and constructive way and therefore how to support your children through their emotional outbursts.

Ditch your guilt and be a role model

You will discover the secret of how to survive difficult parenting moments calmly and turn them into thriving moments that will strengthen your bond with your children.

Positive parenting hacks toolkit

You will learn other empowering, effective and proven parenting tools and strategies that will give you incredible confidence as a parent and will make your family life more enjoyable.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it….
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Are you ready to start enjoying a calmer parenting life?

You deserve this!

You matter!

Your children matter!

Your family matters!

There is nothing to lose and useful knowledge to gain.
Let’s embrace parenting education and be for our children the parents we dream of being.

Who am I?

My name is Jola. I’m an imperfect mum to 2 imperfect children, a recovering shouty mum.

Also I’m a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

I support parents on their parenting journey by helping them develop their awareness and effective parenting skills in a name of creating strong, long lasting relationships with their children. I help them parent with empathy and confidence without losing their sanity. In my work I combine few different approaches based on current knowledge about child’s development, brain science, emotional intelligence and non-violent communication.