Hi, I’m Jola.

I’m an imperfect mum to 2 imperfect children and it’s my parenting journey that led me to where and who I’m today.

Hi, I’m Jola.

I’m a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

A wife of an amazing man and mum of two gorgeous children, who are the best teachers I’ve ever had. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be who I am today and I wouldn’t do what I do now.

My children are my biggest inspiration. They know something we adults once knew, but we tend to miss in our busy lives. That is the joy of curiosity. They show me how to enjoy little things that life offers each day, and I love re-learning that from them, seeing the world through their eyes.

I’m a long-life learner, a huge fan of personal growth, I love people, a good chat, yoga, meditation, psychology, spending time in nature, reading and dancing.


I believe that the heart of every relationship is meaningful communication, awareness of each other’s feelings and needs and treating everyone with respect and dignity.

I’m a big believer that we can all make this world a better place in which we will all thrive. We can all make a change and this change starts with the way we raise our children.

I believe in being authentic, living by your values and having a clear intention behind everything we do in life.

I want to share with you “my why” I’m such a big advocate of Mindful Parenting.

My Story

If you are like myself, an 80’s kid, you have most probably been raised in the traditional way of parenting based on conventional wisdom passed through generations. The strict, authoritarian way where the focus was on control, unquestioning obedience, punishment and reward system to manage a child’s behaviour, to name just a few.

I know my parents did their very best with the knowledge and skills they had at that time. They didn’t have access to all of the neuroscience and psychological resources we have these days. They didn’t know how to communicate in a way that would made me feel understood and connected to them. They didn’t have the tools to manage emotions and stress in a healthy way.

I also clearly remember how anxious and misunderstood I felt most of the time as a girl growing up, what I was thinking and deciding in certain situations. I know how this style of parenting shaped me and what issues I had to overcome as a grown up woman and a parent. I remember deciding back then that I would do things differently with my kids to give them an easier start in life.

Easier said than done. As much as we long to parent differently than how we were parented , what we actually know is what we experienced. Our so deeply rooted ways of reacting are stronger than our desire to do things differently. When I became a mum I fell into the same cycle of dysfunctional patterns. Before I knew it, I was having daily power struggles with two little people, whom I loved with all my heart, but just didn’t know how to communicate with them in the most effective way.

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted most of the time.That horrible mum-guilt feeling was killing me. I couldn’t even recognize the person that I became. I felt like I was failing every single day, not knowing how to break this cycle.

Having hit rock bottom I knew I was done parenting this way. I knew deep down there must be another, better way. I started binge-reading parenting blogs and books.

I wanted to understand my children, their little brains, the root cause of their behaviour, and myself, why I reacted to their behaviour in a certain way.

How amazed I was to discover the world of POSITIVE PARENTING that answered all of my questions. To learn that you can raise your children in a respectful way, without power struggles from dusk till dawn and they would cooperate out of their own free will, not out of fear of punishment.

You can’t go back and change the past, but you can start where you are and create your future.

I gave it all I had left in me.

Oh boy, the beginnings were tough!

I failed a lot! I cried a lot! The baggage from my past got in the way, but I stuck with it.

Eventually things started to change.

Every day didn’t feel like a challenge anymore.

The atmosphere in our house became calmer and I started to smile again.

Kids became more cooperative and a joy to spend time with.

My confidence as a parent grew significantly and I felt like I was regaining the control over my life again.

We all have those transformational moments in our life when we just know we will never be quite the same .

By transforming myself and my approach to parenting I was able to set free that loving, empathetic and joyful parent that was locked inside me and change my parenting story.

I managed to make sense of my childhood experiences and make an inner peace with my parents.

I knew instantly I have discovered a new sense of purpose, my calling, to help other parents achieve the same.

Does it mean that my children never misbehave anymore and I always have my shit together and never mess up?

OH NO!!! My children aren’t perfect and neither am I, but they are a joy to watch blossoming and I absolutely love being their mum now !!!

If my story sounds familiar, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know how dark, scary and lonely parenting can be. I am here to hold your hand and walk this path with you.

I’ve been so blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of the Positive Discipline approach that I have decided to share my experience and knowledge with you, to help you achieve the same kind of joy, calmness and confidence I’ve been fortunate to develop in my parenting and relationship with my kids .

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